Who is Sowi Team?

We are a team of young digital professionals who believe in respecting children’s privacy. We did not want to make another app that would just take over the role of a parent by monitoring every step your child makes online.

An app, no matter how well it tracks your children online, can’t help them develop a sense of responsibility and self-control. You, as a responsible parent, can.

Why we created Sowi?

Smartphones have changed our lives. When we were growing up, at bedtime, our parents didn’t have to wonder if we are browsing social media or YouTube at 2 AM. Their parenting skills can’t always apply today, but one critical parenting role is still the same.

Defining boundaries through restrictions is inseparable from being a parent.

Smartphone usage among children from an early age is on the rise. We are only discovering the full impact the smart devices have on how our children develop physically and emotionally.

However, the data we do know are staggering:

  • By the time they are 18, the average European child will have spent full 3 years in front of various screens1.
  • Too much screen time (above 2 hours daily) increases the risk for sleep and attention disturbances, as well as obesity and linked conditions.
  • Time spent on screens, especially the time spent on the social media, has been linked with "Facebook Depression" and with difficulties in making new friends2.

If you are looking for an opening point for balancing your children's online and offline time, the Sowi Screen Time Balance for Kids is your ideal choice. Sowi App is for all those parents who feel a bit uncomfortable about monitoring kids’ screen time but want to keep the balance between a child’s online and offline world.

How Sowi Screen Time Balance Works?

We created Sowi Screen Time Balance as a tool parent can use to develop a screen time plan by communicating with their children about the digital boundaries. Yes, the limits often cause the initial sulking and discussions about smartphone use. But it is up to you as a parent to offer your child productive alternatives and help them learn how to manage their time better.

Sowi is an easy to use screen time balance app that is not a nightmare to install and set-up. All it takes to set-up Sowi on each device are three simple steps that can be completed in 2 minutes.

To make things as simple as possible, we focused only on the features needed to limit the screen time. Parental control and monitoring features that restrict your child's smartphone functionality and are not part of the Sowi Screen Time Balance.

Even when the screen is locked, your child can always reach you in case there is an emergency.

We are offering you a free 14-day trial period to test the Sowi app.

Install Sowi Screen Time Balance from the Google Play and try it!


1 Sigman, A. (2012). Time for a view on screen time. Archives of disease in childhood, archdischild-2012. DOI: 10.1136/archdischild-2012-302196

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