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Sowi lets you easily balance
the time your kids spend on their smartphones

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SOWI lets you manage the time
your kids spend on their phones

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Activate SOWI in 3 easy steps


*By checking out Sowi app on your device first, you can:

• Test Sowi on your device before activating the app on your kid's phone
• Safely enter your payment info on your device if you choose a Sowi subscription, and
• Keep one device always unlocked

How to set-up Sowi

Let's take a look!


Why Sowi Screen Time Balance?

Times have changed dramatically since we were kids.

Kids today spend 6-7 hours of their wake time on smartphones, tablets and computer screens. The recommended screen time: 2 hours or less.

Smartphones and tablets are claiming the way your kid plays and socializes. Their emotional, social and physical well-being might be at risk.

Yet, the smartphones are here to stay.

Sowi App is a simple screen time balance app for parents who do not want to police their kids. Instead, Sowi helps parents teach their kids to develop healthy digital boundaries between on-screen and off-screen time from the early age.

What people say about us

  • "Wow! Finally, an app that is very easy to install and use! :)"
  • "Installation on my kid’s phone was very simple as they said. First there was a period of adjustment, but eventually, they get used to it. Now we have much more family time.""

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